Meaning of Agreement in Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary defines agreement as a mutual understanding or settlement between two or more parties. Whether referring to a legal contract, a verbal agreement, or simply a shared understanding between individuals, agreement involves a commonality of ideas, opinions, or goals.

In the context of legal agreements, the terms of an agreement are typically set out in writing and signed by all parties involved. This could refer to a rental agreement, a sales contract, or a partnership agreement, among other things. The terms of the agreement are binding for all parties, and any breach of those terms can result in legal consequences.

In interpersonal relationships, agreement can take many forms. It could refer to a verbal agreement between friends, a shared value system between colleagues, or a common goal among team members. In all cases, agreement involves a willingness to compromise and work toward a mutual understanding.

Agreement is also an important concept in the field of linguistics. Verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech often change to agree with the subject or object they modify. For example, in the sentence «She runs,» the verb «runs» agrees with the singular subject «she.» In other languages, agreement can be even more complex and involve gender, number, and other features.

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Overall, agreement is a fundamental concept that plays a role in many different areas of life, from legal contracts to interpersonal relationships to language and communication. Understanding the meaning of agreement and its various applications can help individuals navigate these contexts successfully and effectively.