How to Facilitate a Working Agreement Meeting

Facilitating a working agreement meeting is an essential task for any team leader or manager. A working agreement meeting is a collaborative way to set expectations, goals, and guidelines for your team members to ensure they are aligned with your organization`s values and vision. Here are some tips to help you facilitate a successful working agreement meeting.

1. Prepare an agenda

Before scheduling the meeting, prepare a detailed agenda that outlines all the topics you want to discuss, such as team goals, individual roles, communication, and expectations. This ensures that everyone knows what to expect and can prepare for the meeting.

2. Set clear objectives

Set clear objectives for the meeting. Explain why it`s important to establish a working agreement, what you hope to achieve, and what you expect from each team member. This helps to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the purpose of the meeting.

3. Encourage participation

Encourage participation from all the team members. Be open to hearing their ideas, concerns, and suggestions. Make sure everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions and contributing to the discussion. You can use brainstorming techniques to encourage creative thinking and collaboration.

4. Stay on track

As the facilitator, it`s your responsibility to ensure the meeting stays on track and doesn`t stray off-topic. If the conversation goes off on a tangent, gently steer it back to the main topic. This ensures that you cover all the necessary points and don`t waste valuable time.

5. Document the agreement

Make sure to document the working agreement and share it with all the team members. This will serve as a reference point for everyone and help ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and the group`s expectations.

6. Follow-up

After the meeting, follow up with the team members to ensure they are sticking to the agreed-upon plan. Regularly check in with them on their progress and address any issues that may arise. This demonstrates your commitment to the team`s success and helps to build trust and transparency.

In conclusion, a working agreement meeting is crucial for any team`s success. As a professional, you can help facilitate a successful meeting by following these tips, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. With a well-defined working agreement, your team can achieve great things.